Bedroom Carpet & Flooring Options August 2012

If you’re thinking of getting new flooring for your bedroom then take a look at these tips for choosing the perfect bedroom carpet or flooring.

Bedroom Carpet

If you decide to go with carpet for your bedroom floor you’ll have almost unlimited choice as to the type of carpet you pick. If you like a luxurious feel then you can opt for a carpet with a deep pile that will offer the ultimate in indulgence.

Or you could choose a carpet with a funky colour or pattern that will give your bedroom a very modern feel.

There are lots of different types of carpet to choose from, including those made with natural fibres like sisal, or those that are designed to be very tough and durable.

If you suffer from allergies or just want to keep your bedroom as clean and dust free as possible then look for a dust resistant carpet that’s designed for allergy sufferers, as this will help you to reduce the amount of allergy attacks you have.

Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

In the past few decades hardwood floors really fell out of favour, but today they are popular once again, thanks to their beautiful appearance and their easy maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of hardwood floors in a variety of woods from mahogany to light oak.

Some people worry that a hardwood floor in the bedroom will be too cold but with the right warm colours and the addition of a cosy rug or too hardwood can be warm and inviting.

It’s also incredibly easy to clean and keep free and clear of dust which means you won’t be spending your evenings sneezing and wheezing.

Laminate Floor Coverings

Laminate floors can look just as good as hardwood but are considerably cheaper to buy and fit. Laminate floors are available in a number of faux wood designs that are ideal for adding character to a room without blowing your entire bedroom budget on the flooring.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors have been used commercially for many years but now they are becoming a popular choice for homes too, perhaps because they offer so much versatility in terms of the colours, styles and designs that you can choose.

Vinyl flooring is designed to be comfortable and cushioning to walk on, is stain resistant and extremely easy to clean and maintain. So if you want to give your bedroom an ultra modern and contemporary feel whilst insuring that your flooring is warm and inviting then vinyl could be exactly what you need.

We supply and fit all types of flooring across the West Midlands and beyond, including Solihull and Birmingham, so make sure you get in touch with us and we will help you pick the ideal flooring for your bedroom.

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