Method Statement

Reference No: 0012
Site Responsible Person: Lee Sanders
Tel. No: 0808 166 2175
Site Location: Netto Coventry Jubilee Crescent.
Names of Personnel on Site: Mark Fleetwood, Mark Reeves, Hugh Maguire & Richard Waters.
Start Date: 20th July 2011
Finish Date: 1 weeks from start date.

Brief Description of Work

Vinyl Installation

Vinyl works involving prepping sub floor. This includes clean & sweep making it ready for Latex screed. The following sequence of work applies:

  • Ensure adequate P.P.E for the job.
  • Application of damp proof membrane.
  • Application of Latex screed using an 110v mixer.
  • Glue out the floor with adhesive.
  • Fit Vinyl floor covering.
  • Weld joint with hot weld gun 110v.
  • Fit all skirting and diminishing strip with contact adhesive.


  • Ensure adequate P.P.E for the job.
  • Grind out grout using a grinder fitted with dust vacuum attachment 110v.
  • Break out old tiles using a Kango 110v.
  • Reinstall new tiles with adhesive and grout.

Section 1 – GENERAL


Task No.DescriptionDayDateResponsible Person
1 Site inspection Day 1 19/07/2011 L.Sanders
2 Risk assessment Day 1 20/07/2011 M.Reeves
3 Material supply Day 2 20/07/2011 L.Sanders
4 Installation 1 weeks from start date 27/07/2011

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